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Mastering Service

Mastering can sometimes be perceived as a sort of “black magic” in the recording industry. My hope is to take away some of the mystery behind it and be as transparent as possible when it comes to enhancing your audio. Mastering is simply where a finely-tuned ear and a good set of analytical tools will be able to turn your performance from “wow” into “WOW” and help it be accessible to the widest audience possible. and will provide you with the best sounding master from your original files. Within the process, I clean up unwanted pops/clicks, balance your EQ spectrum, normalise and limit tracks to be an even volume throughout an album or EP. The export your final master to any audio format of your choosing that matches current Red Book CD audio and official radio/industry standards.

Who am I and why should you trust me with your audio?

My name is Luke Gibson I have been mastering for over 8 years, mixing in studios for more than 12 and a musician even longer than that. I am a fanatic for perfection, so mastering has always been a perfect fit for my particular obsessions with sonic fidelity. I've worked with many artists from almost every continent on the globe. My work has landed articles in several large music publications, radio and TV. Including the attention of some very notable artists and industry professionals. If you wish to read more about me and the clients I have worked with, please refer to my full bio here.

What is Audio Mastering and why do you need it?

Well to put it in a simple analogy it's like the varnish on a fine piece of carpentry, the finishing gloss so to speak. Audio mastering helps bring your audio to life. Even if you have a great mix, mastering can just give it that little something extra. These days it's even a requirement of the commercial record & radio industry. No record label would release your music unmastered, so why should you? Give your music the best chance it has of getting noticed with more clarity and definition, more punch and presence. Mastering gives your music the professional edge.

What my track mastering includes:

Audio Restoration

Audio Restoration for mastering helps clean up your audio before the audio processing such as EQ and compression are applied. Helping to remove any subtle pops and clicks that your mixing engineer may have missed or was unable to remove during the mixing phase. Subtle noise reduction is also included if needed. If your audio requires more extensive audio restoration, such as spectral repair and restoring damaged audio quality please see my Audio Restoration service page here.

NOTE: Audio Restoration is not always necessary. So any tracks will be carefully analysed and assessed before undergoing this process.

Detailed EQ balancing

Arguably one of the most important and powerful tool in the mastering engineers arsenal is bringing a piece of audio to life with the correct EQ tweaking. With proper EQ balancing dull mixes can sound bright and alive with clarity and punch. Thin and harsh mixes can receive added warmth and tone. The right balancing of EQ is vital to allowing a piece of audio to translate with maximum potential across as many platforms and systems as possible. Your mixing engineer may have managed to get your record sounding great on his own sound system, but that might not necessarily translate properly to your average home system, radio station or any one of the thousands of stereos, personal audio players and home entertainment systems that your music/audio could potentially be played on.

High quality compression

Transparent limiting

Red Book audio standard mastering

Audio formats of your choosing

NOTE: Each track comes with 2 Revisions (Extra Revisions $8 or £5)

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